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Position – Outreach Manager

JD of Outreach Manager

  • Responsible for broadly promoting and dessiminating the Green Way App and website for regular impactful use by farmers and the agri business sector in Myanmar.
  • Your ultimate responsibility is to get users onto the Green Way app and website using it regularly to generate positive impacts such as higher crop productivity, better income levels in the agricultural sector of Myanmar.

  • You will be responsible for planning and implementing events, trainings and participation in farmers agri fairs in collaboration with INGOs /NGOs, business sector and government. 

  • You will need to develop an outreach plan bi-annually and update quarterly and monthly complete with budget and also track actual expenses vs budget.

  • You will need to track how well an outreach event worked in educating people about the Green Way app and website and getting them on board as users.

  • This role will require you to learn farmers behaviors and expectations t to assist the content team and IT team for ensuring the app is always useful for farmers

  • You will be responsible for tracking users and frequency of use and level of satisfaction and doing comparative analysis with competitors apps.

  • In collaboration with the design team and admin /logistics team you will develop and distribute App promotional materials and connect with the Agri Business sector.

  • This role also requires coordination with the sales & marketing staff in registering agri input shops as potential partners / customers.

  • Since you will spend a lot of time talking and working with a wide range of users and potential users and partners you will need to have great communication skills. 

 You can sent to me your CV form by

 Phone – 0943121627

 Address – 60, Yadanar Thuka Street, Laydaungkan Rd, Thingangyun Tsp, Yangon.





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